We at Field Security intended to lead the way in crime prevention, protection of life and property and loss control. We, however also recognize that we do not function exclusively within the barometers of the Security Industry and that we offer more than just a Security Service to our clients.
We believe that we must take an active role within our community and welcome our role as stakeholder in the advancement and empowerment of those persons previously disadvantage by unfair discrimination.
Empowerment can only be achieved through the advancement of people, the implementation of employment equity and participative management. This is being achieved by improving our practices wherever there is potential to do so, to ensure that all the employees are given the opportunity to meet their full potentials. Non-discrimination is the best business practice and our focus on employment equity ensures that our policies and procedures continue to improve. We encourage all employees to participate in the process.
From our inception we implemented practices to ensure that existing employees and potential applicant from designated groups are offered preferential access to employment and advancement. All decisions criteria and processes are governed by the principles of openness allowing employees to contribute to decision-making.

The company undertakes to maintain 24 hour contact with the security officials deployed on site by two way portable or base radio, cellular communication.(at the cost of the client)
The security officials shall be visited regularly during shift duties, during both day and night shifts on a random basis, by Field Security Management officials and Duty Supervisors. We ensure that we liaise with the client on a weekly or monthly basis and held proper feedback meetings.

Fields Security services shall be available to assist the client during any event of emergency. Furthermore Field security services shall be available to provide any further form of security services that may arise in case of fires, wind damages, earthquakes and arranging for additional manpower for any special event planned on client management request.(at the cost of the client)

Management of Field Security services will develop the required task/job descriptions/procedures in conjunction with the client and implement the same at each post where the security officials are posted. The task/job description/procedure will form an integral part of the on the job training program.
The following is a list in broad outline and additional duties/functions to be rendered:

• Control duties
• Monitoring of occurrence ledger/book
• Minor incident investigation
• General management an patrolling duties
• Security inspections
• Access control and directing of patrons of the client
• Managing and controlling searching duties
• Controlling of access control points
• Perimeter, parking, corridors of suites and offices patrol
• Reporting of incidents toe the management of Field Security and the client
• Observing, reacting to and reporting of substandard acts and conditions of the premises
• Protection of the personnel of the client
• Protection of the property of the client patrons
• Suggesting of new procedures for the overall improvement of the security function.

All application forms and interview questions are based on appropriate selection criteria and are job related. The principles of the Employment Equity Act are strictly adhered to.

Field Security believes in an efficient, effective and professional service to the client without compromise.

Grade E Security Official:
Security Officer “E” means a security officer who may perform any one or more of the following duties:

• Guarding, protecting or patrolling premises or goods;

Grade D Security Official:
Security Officer Grade “D” means a security officer who may perform any one or more of the following duties:

• Controlling or reporting on the movement of persons or vehicles through checkpoint or gates;
• Searching persons and, if necessary, restraining them:
• Managing or controlling security officers Grade “E”;
• Searching of goods and vehicles

Grade C Security Official:
Security Officer Grade “C” means a security officer who may perform any one or more of the following duties:

• Exercise direct supervision and control over security staff at a site
• Ensure that rules and regulations are applicable and enforced at all sites
• Act as a channel between security officers and management.

The responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe and health workplace/environment rests with management.

The Company policy is very clear that there will be no discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, color, creed or religion.

In order to maintain labor peace, the following aspects should be kept in mind:

• By following a policy of participatory management, a positive contribution can be made towards labor stability. Management should acknowledge the statutory right of employees.
• Mutual respect should be characteristic of the relationship between employer and employee. A company and its employee should unite in the improvement of productivity and quality of work.
• Problem solving skills should be enhanced, and channels for problem-solving created and specified.

Field Security advertises as an equal opportunity employer. The necessary criteria for the job as well as procedures and time limits for applying are also clearly stated. Where possible we preferably promote from within our existing ranks of designated employees.
Field Security believes in an efficient; effective and professional Service to the client without compromise.
In achieving this services must be cost effective, legal and not offend the Public or client morals. All employees are registered with the provision of and excellent security service rests with our motto of “The Client First”. How do we achieve this, the answer is simple, but our loyal personnel and commitment to quality service.

These are our Personnel Requirements:
• Must be present the applicable scholastic qualifications
• Must successfully complete our set aptitude testing
• Participation in pre-employment testing and background checking
• Are in possession of accredited security training qualification(s)
• Have valid Security Officer’s Board Registration
• Complete a detailed applicant information form

Receives full on site orientation training to ensure the candidate:
• Meets and understand the client and client organization culture
• Achieves the set standards for client care and relations
• Has full working knowledge of basic ethics
• Has a full working understanding of the client and the role of the security official
• In the overall function and structure of the client business
• Intensive training on task/job function, procedures and description on an ongoing basis

Our Security personnel are remunerated in accordance with the nationally prescribed rates for the Security Industry. All employees receive equal work. Incentive bonuses are paid where justified.

With our emphasis on Security and crime prevention, we play a vital role in Community Policing and the uplifting of our disadvantaged communities.